Manifest Possibility Through Centered Leadership

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Kaizen International works with the world’s largest and most dynamic companies to drive extraordinary success on an accelerated timeframe.

Worked closely with One Video and Brightroll/DSP+ Platform Sales, Product, and Engineering to increase revenue on the SSP by +82% in under a year. Partnered with the media sales team to increase revenue per account by 22%.

Exceed goal (104%) with engagement scores 22 % higher than any other unit. Project sponsor promoted to EVP and CEO of Commercial, comprising more than 50% of AIG's revenues.

Integrated Printer and PC units, generating $1.2 billion dollars in savings. Project sponsor promoted to EVP, Strategic Growth Initiatives, overseeing over 70% of HP's revenues.

Our work employs three levers to drive the manifestation of possibility.

Leadership and Peak Performance

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of any transformation agent (e.g. leaders, specialized teams, and cross-functional teams)

Information Flow

Making sure that the transformation agents have knowledge of and access to the highest priority tasks at all times and minimizing the time spent on non-value-add activities


Prioritization of work in real time so that priorities of the transformation agents are aligned with the priorities of the organization

The Kaizen International Team partners with your selected key leaders to reach a center peak state, creating an environment of excellence through leadership & executive coaching.

What We Do

Center Your Leaders
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Operational Alignment
Create Possibility
  • Strategic Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Organizational Design
Manifest Potential
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Operational Cadence
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Post-Merger Integration

Who We Are

Curt Cronin

C.E.O. |

An expert at maximizing human potential and synthesizing the strengths of a team to create unprecedented results in any context, Curt commanded Navy SEAL teams during more than a decade of combat operations in eighteen countries. During that time, he learned and implemented his model for driving multi-disciplinary operations out of a widely disparate patchwork of organizations as part of an Embassy team in the Middle East.

John Joseph

President |

A mathematician and software developer with 15 years of trading experience, John is CEO of Independent Trader, a futures software platform, and Founder of The SEMA4 Group LLC, managing as much as $50 million in his automated intraday futures trading programs. The SEMA4 Group is the first place winner of the RQSI CTA Star Search Trading Competition.

William Purpura

Partner |

William has traded futures and options for 38 years. He is Chairman of Northport Commodities and has served as COMEX Governor, advisor to the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and owner of Great Lakes Metals. He oversees trading and administration operations in China & Singapore and has vast experience trading spot, physical and derivative commodity markets in PRC.

Wouter IJgosse

Partner |

An explorer and creator at heart, Wouter's expertise is in translating between the different domains of people, process and technology. His passion for travel led him to hitch-hike over 50,000km - including a 9 month overland journey from Amsterdam to Tokyo - that shaped his thinking on how to deal with uncertainty, and the mindset necessary to keep adapting your approach to turn a vision into reality

Kaizen International

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